Shohei Ohtani’s Physical & Mental Training Methods: Unveiling the Secrets of a Pro Athlete

Peace of Mind

Shohei Ohtani is known worldwide as a two-way baseball player. The key to his success is said to be his exceptional physical and mental training. In this article, we introduce Shohei Ohtani’s training methods to help you apply them to your own training regimen.

Physical Training

1. Improving Basic Physical Fitness

Shohei Ohtani performs fundamental exercises such as running, squats, and planks to develop well-balanced muscle strength throughout his body. He also consistently trains his core for stable movement.

2. Customized Weight Training

Ohtani engages in weight training tailored to his body. In particular, he focuses on building leg strength and muscles around the shoulders to enhance his batting and pitching power.

3. Maintaining Flexibility

High flexibility contributes to injury prevention and improved performance. Ohtani incorporates stretching and yoga to maintain muscle flexibility.

Mental Training

1. Goal Setting

Shohei Ohtani boosts his motivation by setting clear goals for himself. It is essential to consistently train daily to achieve these objectives.

2. Mental Control

To play calmly even under the pressure of games, Ohtani practices mental control. He uses meditation and breathing techniques to calm his mind.

3. Reflection and Ambition

Ohtani is not afraid of failure in games or practice; instead, he sees it as an opportunity for improvement. This attitude of growth through reflection contributes to his mental strength.

4. Emphasizing Teamwork

Baseball is a team sport, and teamwork is crucial. Ohtani values communication with his teammates, creating an environment where they can motivate and improve each other.


We’ve introduced Shohei Ohtani’s physical and mental training methods. His training covers a wide range of aspects, including improving basic physical fitness, customized weight training, maintaining flexibility, goal setting, mental control, reflection and ambition, and emphasizing teamwork. Consider incorporating these methods into your own training to enhance your performance.